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Get Help with Medical Bills and Insurance Claims

Our team at Human Health Advocates helps people resolve extremely high medical bills and denied insurance claims.

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Hospital and Provider Payment Reduction Negotiations

When insurance coverage is denied or otherwise unavailable, we interact with providers and their billing companies on your behalf; seeking to negotiate a reduced rate.

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Health Insurance Appeals of Denials of Coverage

When coverage for a claim is denied by your health insurance company, we take definitive steps to address the problem.

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Understanding Your Health Insurance and Patient's Rights

Many people think that because they have insurance their medical expenses "are covered". This is not always the case. A better understanding of your health insurance policy and Patient's Rights will give you more control over the out of pocket medical costs that you incur.

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Learn About Medical Billing and Health Insurance

We believe that education is the best defense against insurance billing errors.

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In The News

Human Health Advocates has been featured in numerous print and online publications, videos, radio broadcasts, and CBS television. Click the logos below to read, see, and listen to this media coverage.

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About Human Health Advocates - We Are Here for You

At Human Health Advocates, we help you better understand your insurance policy to avoid unnecessary charges and obtain the coverage to which you are entitled to.

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Certified Patient Advocate
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