We all know that the medical industry can be crooks and leave the innocent people in the dark (shady things behind the scenes of billing). I have been a victim of being charged by an out of network doctor unwillingly multiple times. The first time I had surgery for a torn pectoral tendon and my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) gave the authorization and said that it was covered and would only be charged the copay. Months later I get a surprise in the mail…a bill for $800 because the surgeon used an out of network assistant which I had no say because I was under. As a result, I had to pay the $800. The next time, I went to a sleep study and asked beforehand if everything is covered and the receptionist on duty said yes.

I explained to them my situation about being charged by an out of network doctor beyond my control. Over a year later, I get another surprise in the mail…a bill for $500!!! Turns out that the doctor who read the results was out of network and I would be responsible for payment. This was extremely frustrating because I asked before the sleep study if all services would be covered and on top of this I receive the bill over a year later. I submitted a Letter of Reconsideration with Blue Cross Blue Shield and was unsuccessful because I submitted the letter beyond the allotted time frame of 6 months. (not my fault because I received the bill 15 months later!!!)

Calvin K. – Miami, FL

I had major surgery just under a year ago. Bills were piling up and the amount I owed was going through the roof. Unfortunately, I was supposed to complete a lot of paperwork that was supposed to aid me in reducing the bills and collecting money that I was entitled to that would go towards paying the bills off. Due to the severity of my surgery I was out of commission for longer than expected and I was unable to complete the forms that would have helped me get that money. I reached out to Human Health Advocates and dealt directly with their amazing team, including Mr. Klein. Long story short, they helped me SUCCESSFULLY complete an appeal which got me thousands of dollars back. I am very fortunate to have Mr. Klein and his team on my side. I trust them completely and would highly recommend them to my family and friends in need of help!!

Natalie S. – Boca Raton, FL 

“NAILING JELLY TO A WALL” may be easier than getting Healthcare Insurance Companies to pay legitimate claims
“DENIAL-DECEIT-DELAY” were typical tactics employed by our health Insurance company.
”WE WERE RESCUED BY HUMAN HEALTHCARE ADVOCATES” Saving us many thousands of $$$,—our credit and— our sanity!
Ken Klein went above and beyond our highest expectations in successfully advocating on our behalf. We will be forever grateful.
Ken is professional knowledgeable and passionate in his genuine desire to help his clients.
We highly recommend Ken Klein to anyone experiencing difficulty dealing with Health Insurance claims.

 Ross and Julie N. – Pompano Beach, FL 

I highly recommend Kenneth Klein of Human Health Advocates, LLC. I came to Ken because my major medical policy was denying coverage on claims which should have been covered under my policies provisions. His expertise and knowledge along with his tenacity to achieve a positive outcome, helped us to finally get all the past medical claims which were denied in the past, PAID IN FULL.  He was also able to negotiate that going forward, these previously denied claims would be paid in full without question. Ken was professional, organized and kept us informed throughout the entire process.  He was upfront and honest and I would use Human Health Advocates, LLC again in the future, if an issue arose with my health insurance policy.

Lori -Boca Raton, FL

Uninsured medical bills north of 100k prompted me to reach out for assistance.Whenever I have needed an expert, I have always sought an individual who possessed certain qualities-experience,intelligence and empathy. I wanted experience because knowing the players, the rules and the ins and outs is always useful. I wanted intelligence because no matter how much experience, unusual and complex situations may arise which require native smarts to discern and understand things. Finally, I wanted empathy because I handle stress and anxiety better when my expert companion deeply appreciates what I am experiencing. I am happy to report that Kenneth Klein,manager of Human Health Advocates, LLC, has all of these qualities in abundance. My relationship with him has been wholly positive. I recommend him unreservedly to help anyone navigate the healthcare labyrinth.

Mark J.

In October, 2014, I had emergency surgery at a hospital in South Florida. I was uninsured and could not to pay my $50,000 bill. I had many discussions with hospital billing-and no luck in working things out. After seeking help for a long time, I found Human Health Advocates online. I asked for assistance and Kenneth immediately replied. He understood the problem and turned out to be a professional with much knowledge and absolute commitment to help. Through dealings with the Hospital, he solved the problem of my dispute over excessive charges on bills in two weeks.

He obtained a significant reduction in the amount of my final bill and worked out monthly installments that I can afford. I could not get this on my own in two years of trying. Everything was done online and on the phone. I am very pleased to have met somebody so professional and committed to help. I highly recommend Human Health Advocates to anyone having problems with hospital bills. All my thanks.

Alvaro -Orlando, FL

After suffering a stroke on Christmas day 2015, I spent a total of 31 days in the hospital. My first task was to get well and get home as soon as possible. However, when I eventually did get home, my stress levels started to shoot up as I received the medical bills. I needed to focus on my rehabilitation and recovery, not on the bills.

Luckily, I met Ken. A meeting was arranged at his office and I arrived armed with a “sack” of bills and overwhelmed with confusion and anxiety. Ken’s assured and sympathetic manner immediately put me at ease. I handed over all the bills, gave him my insurance information and left his office feeling much more at ease.

Within a week of our meeting, all the usual problems associated with medical billing– over charges, extra charges and double billing were resolved by Ken. He took the time to call the medical practitioners–doctors and health-care facilities and either negotiated better options or resolved the issues at once.

Ken had the patience to listen to me and was able to speak to the “right” people at the medical facilities to resolve the problems. Above all, Ken is a good listener, kind and compassionate but at all times the consummate professional. Without Ken’s advocacy I know I would still be mired in bills, stress and confusion. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Ilan E. – Boca Raton, FL

Kenneth S. Klein is my hero. I was referred to Mr. Klein by a friend who knew that I was experiencing complications and confusion from a ENT Provider and my insurance company. I was receiving inaccurate and excessive invoices from my doctor and statements from my insurance company. I had already paid a great deal of money for my procedure. Ken’s knowledge, diligence and savvy got my balance down to 0! Ken is kind, caring, professional and he surpassed my expectations. I could never have achieved these results without him. Many thanks and appreciation Ken!


I was shocked and dismayed by an unexpected $120k bill from a medical facility. I anticipated that this bill would be much less. I found Ken, and he quickly got the bill dropped to $62k. Upon further research, he also uncovered many billing errors and inconsistencies.

This is a key element of what he did for me. I never would have questioned the accuracy of a medical bill or insurance decision otherwise. During this process, he also helped me understand the complex and baffling system of medical billing. Ultimately, the medical facility accepted $6450. as final settlement. During this whole process, Ken was always available and willing to take the time to explain every aspect of the confusing situation in a way I could understand. He was a pleasure to deal with. I whole heartedly recommend Human Health advocates to anyone seeking assistance with their medical bills and health insurance issues.

Paige -Pompano Beach, FL

I had a great experience with Ken. I was overwhelmed with medical bills from a pregnancy and just couldn’t get things organized or even understand everything I owed. I had a few bills in collections pending and he helped me with all of that. Very easy to work with.

Edi -Sunrise, FL

I would recommend these services to anyone even just for a consultation. They were very nice to work with, knowledgable & helped me resolve my balance billing for emergency services issue that I could not do alone.

Lauryn -Boca Raton, FL

I consulted with Ken about an emergency helicopter ride that my wife had had after a stroke. The bill was very high. Ken was very helpful while being knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned that we could get the best possible settlement. He was very pro-active, and after having spoken with him for over an hour on the phone we hung up. Ken called back a while later with more insight and questions, it was clear our case was on his mind. Ken was spot on. We settled with the provider under a confidentiality agreement that I am unable to divulge. But many thanks to Ken for being a great sounding board and confidant.

Larry -Jacksonville, Fl.