“Uber knowledgeable, professional, empathetic and calculated. Kenneth and Mary are strategic and pragmatic in their approach – proving insightful ways to manage the complicated and stressful nuances of hospital bills and insurance. I’m glad I had them at my side.”

Sergio Mankita

“Human Health Advocates were extremely friendly, helpful and efficient. They have not only taken the time to listen to my case, review all my concerns, but they have also walked me through each step of the process. They have given me all the information I needed and provided me with all the support that was necessary. The assistance was very fast and they have given me peace of mind while handling my case. I truly appreciate their services and highly recommend it.”

Thaynan Siqueira

“If you are thinking of using Human Health Advocates just go ahead and do it!We found Ken and Mary to be friendly,professional and most importantly know their field of expertise.They were able to save us a significant amount on an emergency hospital stay.”

Don Barbato

“Amazing service. They walked me through the steps and action items that i need to take to reduce my payments and balances.
They were very professional, polite and honest. They actually asked me to take care of a few things on my end before hiring them because if i do hire them before that i won’t be saving as much as I possibly can.
Highly recommended!!”

Eyad Hachmi


“Everyone has read about or knows someone who has struggled to understand, implement, and get satisfaction from the process of filing and getting reimbursed by the insurance industry for medical claims due to illness or injury. But when it happens to you, you find out just how byzantine and opaque the medical claims filing process can be in the insurance world.

Billings based on medical codes that the ordinary layperson can’t begin to understand leads to denial and delays in payment which in turn causes frustration, anger, anxiety and financial stress. Believe me, insurance companies and healthcare providers use these methods maximize their profits by denying and delaying claims payments (insurance companies) or improperly categorize the claims to maximize their profits (healthcare vendors). I experienced and witnessed all of those frustrations. It put us in the terrible position of having traumatic out of pocket expenses and jeopardizing our credit rating. There seemed to be no way out of this mess.

Fortunately, I found a solution that reversed the drama of having to repeatedly and unsuccessfully deal with the healthcare vendors and insurance companies. That solution is Ken Klein and his assistant, Mary, at Human Health Advocates. His firm brings a unique blend of resources, expertise and an unwavering determination to identify the correct coverage and recovery solutions for your situation. I can attest that these attributes served us very well. When I called him about helping us rectify our medical morass, he reviewed our accounts, explained the claims paying process and paperwork needed, and quickly set up an implementation strategy. As he executed the strategy, he consistently communicated with me about his progress, any need for additional information in a manner that was understandable, and the responses he was getting from the medical vendors or insurance companies that had open claims. Ken and Mary’s analytical skills and level of perseverance are extraordinary. They parsed through each vendor’s claims payment code to make sure it properly reflected the medical event with the insurance company. They worked with the vendor to correct the claims payment code if it was incorrect. Finally, they mediated many of the payments to reduce them to levels that were reasonable from a financial perspective.

After all is done, we have a great debt of gratitude to Human Healthcare Advocates for their assistance in helping us get through this mess. They held the healthcare vendors and insurance companies to their correct responsibilities and took an enormous pressure off of our shoulders. Call them now if you have a similar situation and feel like your life is quickly getting out of control. You won’t regret it.”

Debbie D. – loomfield, CT


“My son needed surgery in August 2016. Beforehand, we were assured by the surgeon’s office and our insurance company that our out-of-pocket costs for the surgery would be minimal. We were relieved by this news as we weren’t financially in a position to pay for an expensive surgery. So, it was a devastating shock when an outrageously expensive bill from the surgeon’s office arrived a month after the surgery. We felt betrayed and totally helpless and knew there was no way we could possibly pay the bill. I lost many, many nights of sleep thinking about how the unpaid bill would negatively affect our credit, and our lives, for many years to come.

Out of sheer desperation, I decided to search online for sources of help for resolving expensive medical bills and I came across the website for Human Health Advocates. I reached out for more information and Ken Klein responded right away. A couple days later I met with Ken for the initial consultation and that’s when my despair finally turned to hope. From that first day and over the next several months, Ken and Human Health Advocates were my saving grace. Through Ken’s never-wavering compassion, knowledge, diligence, resourcefulness, professionalism, patience, and optimism, what started as a life-altering medical bill nightmare turned out to have a fairy tale ending. I truly don’t know what we would’ve done if we hadn’t found Ken and Human Health Advocates. I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend the services of Human Health Advocates and Ken Klein to anyone needing support and assistance with a difficult health care cost dilemma.”

Denean M. – Boca Raton FL


“Kenneth saved me over twenty-eight thousand dollars and for that I am very grateful. I bought insurance from my employer that did not qualify under the Affordable Care Act’s Individual Mandate assuming that it was reasonable coverage but it only paid for a small fraction of my hospital bill. Kenneth demanded that the Hospital reduce their sky-high charges and through diligence and persistence he got me a significant reduction. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.”

Paul -Clearwater, FL


“Human Health Advocates were a pleasure to deal with. As a result of an emergency room visit, the bills started coming fast and furious. Knowing insurance/heath care companies are notorious for over billing, I reached out to verify each bill before I paid it. It gave me peace of mind and their fee was extremely reasonable.”

Barry -Fort Lauderdale, FL


“Uninsured yet not qualified for low-income payment programs, I was billed the maximum possible rates by the hospital that treated me after a recent accident. The hospital, it turned out, sent my bills to an incorrect address, so my first contact with its billing process was a threatening letter from its collection attorney. My attempts to reason with the hospital fell on deaf ears. Fortunately I discovered Human Health Advocates of Boca Raton, who specialize in representing powerless victims of medical billing departments and insurance companies.

Kenneth Klein, HHA’s principal advocate, understood my situation and immediately put my mind at ease by confidently laying out a winning strategy. He then jumped right into battle, keeping me fully apprised every step of the way. He was able to contact the right people at the hospital and persuade them to pull my account away from collection – saving my credit rating in the process – and reduce their bill by two-thirds. I could not have done this on my own. I’m highly grateful to Ken for skillfully and diplomatically advocating on my behalf. The hospital may have saved me from medical disaster, but Ken surely saved me from the hospital!”

Hal – Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“Mr. Klein helped me deal with a highly frustrating situation with Florida Blue when they denied a claim they 100% should have paid. We reached a quick, equitable solution thanks to his expertise. Highly recommend.”

Bonnie – Boca Raton, FL


“Meeting Ken was a true blessing. His expertise and tactfulness were crucial in resolving a costly issue I had been facing on my own for several months. My frustration was building, as my health insurance erroneously denied claims, and the hospital billing department was unresponsive. I had sought help through other agencies, including legal means, but to no avail. Finally, I contacted Ken.

He immediately grasped the intricacy of my case, and he expressed a sincere interest in resolving my dilemma. Ken is resourceful, effective, and tenacious. He also is extremely professional and kept me constantly updated on my case’s progress. Ken has a talent for understanding the problem, and devising multiple strategies to resolve it. Also his experience and communicative abilities are true assets. This facilitates him to circumvent the bureaucracy often associated with these situations, and to effectively contact the decision making personnel and get real results. Furthermore, I found Ken to be extremely friendly. He is someone who genuinely cares about his clients on a personal level. He is also very fair, and on many occasions has performed far beyond the call of duty. Great experience that saved me thousands of dollars! “

Richard -Boca Raton, FL

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